Analyzing utility bills and comparing them to you tenant’s occupancy period can be a time consuming and difficult process. Utilipay® Vacant Utility Cost Recovery program allows your organization to recover utility costs billed to them when utility service and payment responsibility was not transferred to the tenants in a timely fashion. We retroactively invoice tenants for their utility consumption from the time the tenant occupies the unit until the account is transferred. Utilipay® then generates and mails an invoice to the tenant for their portion of the utility usage.

This program is ideal for our multifamily residential clients. They are most susceptible to paying countless dollars for utility consumption in units misclassified as vacant by the utility companies, because those accounts are constantly being placed back into their responsibility. Vacant unit cost recovery can be applied to utility services such as: water, sewer, natural gas, electric, propane, cable, trash, etc. Utilipay® vacant cost recovery will not only offset energy costs, it will improve your organization’s bottom line. Energy invoice data is organized and managed, offering your organization access to real time friendly energy management reports.