It’s common to have your utility provider bill you with incorrect bill amounts, mistaken meter reads, incorrect multipliers, missed payments or high usage rates. The lack of attention from the service providers can cost your organization thousands of dollars without even realizing it. The responsibility of understanding and keeping up with your provider’s current rate structure and multifaceted billing methods falls in the hands of your organization. Identifying the inconsistencies requires industry specific knowledge and immediately action. Our experienced industry experts scrutinize your utility invoices looking to uncover any previous, current and future errors. When an error occurs, Utilipay® contacts the utility directly and works to resolve the problem on your behalf. Utilipay® expense management service ensures that your utility invoices are accurate and paid on time.


  • Reduce time and expense spent by identifying billing errors and other anomalies.
  • Eliminate the time and effort required to get errors corrected by the utility provider.
  • Receive credits and/or refunds for previous, current and future invoice errors due to utility provider oversight.
  • Receive reassurance that your organization’s utility provider’s prices are accurate.
  • Maintain accurate records of energy consumption and utility costs.