Utilipay® Data Management solutions helps customers track energy usage by providing more comprehensive and convenient access to utility invoices. Paper invoices and/or scanned images are forwarded to Utilipay® and entered into our advanced data warehouse which separates out key components for analysis and converts them into an easy to read report. Utilipay® uses state-of-the-art analytical programs and our analysts are well experienced at reviewing energy & water consumption patterns and rates. When each bill is received, it will be analyzed to ensure the consumption is where it is expected to be per seasonal billing period. Data is traceable back to the original PDF of your utility bill inside the Utilipay® Data Management system. This powerful reporting application takes utility billing data and converts it into useful information for in-depth analysis. The data can be rolled up for a multi-site program by building type, by region or for the total organization. Sharing this data throughout the organization brings accountability to each site.