Controlling your organizations’ utility costs starts with organizing your utility invoice data. Utilipay® organizes and categorizes your utility invoices through our specialized utility management software which converts your utility information into energy management reports that are easy to view and understand.

Most organizations spend countless hours reviewing and paying utility bills and are left confused by all the charges. Our software organizes and categorizes the core elements of your utility bills and provides that information into master meter documentation, usage reporting, meter cost comparison and other analytics. The web-based reporting enables our clients to view bill data, interval data, budgets, forecasts and energy management savings for the entire organization or down to a specific site.

Utilipay® offers a variety of secure utility bill payment solutions. Utility bills are processed immediately once they are received. Utility information is electronically captured, entered into our Utilipay® database, and payments are made directly to the utility companies on your behalf. A bill payment specialist reviews invoices prior to payment to ensure that account numbers are accurate and that billing amounts fall within the preapproved range. Utilipay® expense management service eliminates duplicate payments and payment of bills for the wrong accounts, captures billing data electronically for easier analysis and reporting, frees up accounts payable staff for other assignments and ensures timely and accurate payment of utility invoices.