Utilipay® utility expense management offers a variety of solutions and services to control and reduce expenses related to energy and other utilities. This insight enables owners and managers to reduce their usage which directly affects their bottom line. Our comprehensive utility service drives energy efficiency and assures you only pay for what is owed when it is owed. Multifamily, condominium, mobile home, commercial, student housing and military housing all rely on Utilipay® expense management services to validate and process their utility invoices. Our invoice auditing and processing allows you to transition these resource-intensive activities to experts while reducing your overhead costs. Utilizing our services allows our clients to properly identify potential billing problems and reduce or eliminate late fees and shut-off notices. Utilipay® offers expansive energy solutions including utility invoice management and bill processing, utility invoice auditing, vacant cost recovery, utility data management and utility deposit recovery.

Utilipay® employs a staff of experienced energy experts and our management team is on the forefront of the energy conservation industry. Our innovative service Utilipay® ensures your complex energy requirements are scrutinized and solutions are implemented to optimize your organization’s energy resources. Utilipay® is a service of Multifamily Utility Company, Inc.