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Utility Expense Management service by Multifamily Utility Company. Utilipay® provides expanded insight into your utility expenses and adds savings to your bottom line. Utilipay® creates substantial opportunities for returns on your investment. Our proven approach to utility expense management provides precise control over your energy expenditures. Internal bill processing is often cited to cost in the range of $12 per bill, even more if the process is slow resulting in a late fee. Utilipay® can decreases the expenses associated with internally processing utility bills, plus receive the benefits of effective energy management. We have successfully helped hundreds of clients save millions of dollars related to energy and utility expenses.

Utility Invoice Management and Bill ProcessingUtility Invoice Management and Bill Processing

Controlling your organizations’ utility costs starts with organizing your utility invoice data. Utilipay® organizes and categorizes your utility invoices through our specialized utility management software which converts your utility information into energy management reports that are easy to view and understand. Read More

Utility Data Management Utility Data Management

Utilipay® Data Management solutions helps customers track energy usage by providing more comprehensive and convenient access to utility invoices. Paper invoices and/or scanned images are forwarded to Utilipay® and entered into our advanced data warehouse which separates out key components for analysis and converts them into an easy to read report. Read More

Utility Invoice AuditingUtility Invoice Auditing

It’s common to have your utility provider bill you with incorrect bill amounts, mistaken meter reads, incorrect multipliers, missed payments or high usage rates. The lack of attention from the service providers can cost your organization thousands of dollars without even realizing it. Read More

Vacant Cost Recovery Vacant Cost Recovery

Analyzing utility bills and comparing them to you tenant’s occupancy period can be a time consuming and difficult process. Utilipay® Vacant Utility Cost Recovery program allows your organization to recover utility costs billed to them when utility service and payment responsibility was not transferred to the tenants in a timely fashion. Read More

Utility Deposit Recovery Utility Deposit Recovery

Utilipay® Deposit Recovery service helps customers recover funds held as security deposits by utility companies. Security deposits are often required before utilities will begin servicing a new account. Deposits can be held for years, long after the customer has established a consistent payment history.... Read More

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